Kellan Lutz Denies That He’s Dating Miley Cyrus


Poor Miley Cyrus, not even Kellan Lutz (Twilight dude with uninteresting career) is interested in being associated with her romantically for publicity purposes. After a few weeks of rumors surrounding the supposed couple, Kellan has come forward to put the record straight, joking that he finds gossip funny because it is always based on sources that come from nowhere. He commented:

“Gossip just cracks me up, I love how people quote ‘insiders.’ You just write ‘an insider told me this’ and then guess on everything.”

He adds that while he adores Miley and says they’re close friends, he isn’t dating the controversial singer and the rumors are all made up. He also admits he isn’t interested in publicity for any person he dates:

“I adore Miley. She is such a close friend of mine and just a brilliant woman and fun to be around. The tabloids have made up some story that we’re dating and that’s just not the case, I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t go after this kind of publicity. I’d rather hang out on the sidelines and I have a new view from there.”

Kellan recently complimented the ‘Twilight’ series for launching his career and he feels secure now thanks to his role in the films:

“The hardest thing in this business is to make a name for yourself and create a secure life, I don’t need a mansion or a nice, fancy car. After Twilight, I decided to chill and wait for the right thing. It was a blessing not to have to take a job for the money.”