Katy Perry Meditates as She Has Her Makeup Done

Posted by PZ on August 13th, 2014


Katy Perry’s makeup artist Todd Delano has opened up on how the singer often uses the time to mediate as he completes her makeup. Todd reveals that sometimes Katy even nods off to sleep, but usually she uses the time to relax and she frequently rests her head as he works on creating her makeup look:

“The first time I did her make-up while she was sleeping, which we refer to as ‘sleeping beauty.’ But we actually don’t do that anymore. She will still rest her head back while I’m doing her liner – it’s a good moment for her to meditate and relax.”

Katy is known for her over-the-top makeup looks, and Todd has learnt along the way that her striking makeup can take a lot of work, which includes being prepared for lots of glitter. He commented that it can get quite messy:

“You learn fast that glitter sticks to everything, so it’s important to dust loose powder under the eyes to catch the fallout. Of course, I have spilled a jar of glitter, which turns into a beautiful (but messy) disaster…”

Katy’s skin is oily, but Todd has found a great foundation that he uses on the singer to keep her looking her best:

“I make sure her skin is clean and hydrated before I begin, and I almost always prep her skin with primer. As for foundation, right now I’m loving CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation for Katy, because it’s oil-free and actually pulls oil and sweat away from your face rather than trapping it under your foundation.”


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