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Katie Holmes on Applying Makeup & Subtle Red Carpet Beauty

Katie Holmes has spent a lot of time working in collaboration with beauty brand Bobbi Brown and has learned a lot about makeup in the process. Opening up on her most used products, Katie says she adds structure to her beauty look by always wearing eyeliner and mascara. She admits that in the past she wouldn’t have dared to apply eyeliner herself but Bobbi Brown’s new gel eyeliner has given her the confidence to do it herself because it’s easy to use:

“I like using eyeliner and mascara. I’ve always been afraid of applying liquid eyeliner because my hand isn’t that steady, but Bobbi’s new Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner is amazing because it is a gel-pencil eyeliner, which makes it so easy to apply. Plus, the application is so precise, I feel like a pro.”


Speaking on how her makeup changes for the red carpet, Katie says she might sometimes try out something slightly more adventurous such as a bold lip, but likes to look as subtle as possible while also highlighting what she likes about her face:

 “Sometimes I like to have a little bit of fun, and do a bright lip or something. But I mostly try to keep it as subtle as possible while covering up what needs to be covered up, and highlighting what’s working. I still always want to look like me. You have 15 minutes of the red carpet, and then you see everyone you know. If you look like a clown, it’s kind of weird. So I like very subtle … but I love false eyelashes. If I could put them on myself, I would do it every day.”