Kate Moss Shares Her Holiday Wardrobe Essentials


British model Kate Moss has revealed how she packs for vacation. She says that she doesn’t usually plan her wardrobe but has picked out several pieces over the years that she loves to wear while relaxing on holiday. She also likes to buy a new bikini and adds some basic essentials such as jeans and t-shirts. She explained her must-haves:

“I don’t really plan my holiday wardrobe. I’ve collected it over the years and have favourite pieces I always take, though I buy a new bikini every time. I’d throw in black jeans, grey jeans, some T-shirts, 
a jacket and flats – or a bikini if we’re going 
somewhere hot. I have a travel bag ready to go, 
with all my beauty essentials and passport.”

Kate says she usually does bring quite a lot with her but would be happy living with just the essentials, and if her suitcase got lost she would just buy a few classic items to get by:

“I don’t think I massively over-pack but I’m definitely not a one-case kind of girl. If the plane lost all my luggage and I was somewhere sunny like Ibiza I would just get a bikini, shorts, T-shirt and sandals. If it was somewhere colder like New York I’d go for jeans, jacket and a pair of Louboutins.”

Speaking on what she wears during the evening while on vacation, Kate says she loves maxi-dresses paired with flats because it’s practical and still stylish for evening wear:

“In the evening I normally go for long dresses with flats. Heels don’t really work if you’re on an island. I prefer 
to keep my hair natural and just pull it up off my face.”