Kate Boswoth on Her Makeup Tips, Beauty Regime & Haircare Secrets

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Kate Bosworth has shared her beauty regime and makeup advice. Opening up on what makes a great casual makeup look, Kate thinks simple skin that looks clear is amazing when paired with a bold lip to give face a flawless and awake look. She explained:

“I would say (go with) clean skin and a bright lip. It’s the easiest thing to brighten up a face — with a pop of colour on the lips.”

On her go-to lip colours, Kate says she particularly likes subtle lip stains by Tarte but also is a big fan of luxurious lip shades by designer names such as Chanel and Tom Ford. Lately, she has become a big fan of brighter colours on her lips and her secret is to set it on her lips by patting it on:

“I really like Tarte stains. There’s a company called fresh that does really nice balms. Tom Ford has some really beautiful shades — and Chanel as well. I pick different colours and they usually look quite bright. But I like patting it in rather than slicking it on.”

Speaking on taking care of her hair, Kate says that her hair can handle humidity but not drier weather so she does her best to keep her locks hydrated and moisturized: “I love this feeling of the tropics and the humidity is something that I really respond to well. My skin has a harder time in a drier climate, whereas in humidity like this, it is just so happy. Like, it’s super hydrated. My hair, too. Everything gets happy.”