Julianne Moore Says Actresses “Have a Lot of Help” to Look Beautiful


Julianne Moore is always refreshingly candid in her interviews and when asked about how she stays looking gorgeous, she admits it isn’t all her. Instead of talking about her beauty routine or her special diet, she says that she simply has a fantastic team who transform her to look great when she has an event. She believes actresses generally get a “lot of help” for their public appearances to make sure they always look their best:

”We (actresses) have a lot of help, we really do. I look at some of the young actresses and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, that girl is exquisite.’ I have a whole group of people who put me together this morning. We have all of that, and beautiful clothes we can access. So there’s a tremendous amount of help that we get.”

She recently also said that she doesn’t often wear much makeup, but does appreciate it for when she’s appearing on screen. She has a few simple essentials that she always uses on a daily basis, such as a favourite mascara product and a few other makeup items that she swears by:

I do. I certainly like it for my job, I think it’s great. I tend to not wear a whole lot of it when I’m not working. I have a contract with L’Oréal so I wear a lot of their stuff. There’s a L’Oréal mascara I’ve worn for years and years, and the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat (concealer pen)—I love that. L’Oréal has a new beauty cream that I really like that smooths out your skin and is not so heavy.”