Julianne Hough Shares Her Top Travel Beauty Tips


Dancer and actress Julianne Hough has shared her guide for staying blemish-free while on the move. Regularly taking to the air, Julianne has figured out the perfect beauty regime to make sure her skin stays fresh and hydrated during her travels. She believes wearing no makeup is very important and advises to go as minimal as possible:

“My #1 rule: No Make-up. If you’re flying straight from work or an event, or you want your babe to see the best painted version of you before saying goodbye at the drop off, okay fine. But wash it off before stepping foot on that flight. If you’re incredibly uncomfortable going without, a tinted-moisturiser, rose-hued lip balm, and a touch of mascara will do the job.”

Although she admits her method might take a little time, she believes keeps her skin in top condition is worth the extra effort:

“Flying can be super drying for your skin and body. It is worth the additional trips to the loo to keep you quenched from the inside out.”

During her flight, Julianne even keeps her skin refreshed by carrying along a sealed cleansing pad which she’ll rub over her face in the middle of flight. She says this simple beauty fix always leaves her feeling refreshed:

“About halfway through a long flight or right around landing, I like to refresh my skin with an invigorating cleansing and toning pad. This removes any excess oil and overall feeling of grossness. Single sealed pads are the way to go because they’ll never dry out, you only take what you need, and you know they’re clean enough to touch your face.”