Julia Roberts Concerned About Emma Roberts’ Young Engagement?


22-year-old Emma Roberts recently got engaged to her boyfriend Evan Peters but according to reports, Emma’s famous aunt Julia Roberts isn’t too pleased about the news and is concerned that Emma is rushing in to things without thinking. Julia has reportedly reached out to Emma to give her some advice, telling the young star that she is too young to tie the knot and it will only lead to further heartbreak if things don’t work out:

”Emma’s only 22, and Julia thinks she’s making a big mistake by rushing into things with Evan. Julia is sure it will only lead to pain and heartbreak. She told Emma, ‘You’re too young to get married. You don’t know what you’re doing.”’

Emma was involved in a fight incident with Evan previously and police were called to her hotel room last year to respond to the argument which made headlines. Julia was also concerned about Emma during that period even though Emma believed Julia was simply overreacting to the situation:

 ”Emma thought Julia was overreacting then and she thinks she’s overreacting now. Emma’s convinced she’s doing the right thing by accepting Evan’s proposal and she feels Julia should just butt out.”

Julia has experience when it comes to young marriage as she was supposed to wed actor Kiefer Sutherland before the couple decided to call it off only a few days before they planned to walk down the aisle. Julia said about calling off the engagement:

”Getting married at this time in my life would have been the biggest mistake ever.”