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5 Male Celebrities Who Are Feminists

Posted by PZ on December 10th, 2014

Although there are seemingly a lot of negative associations surrounding ‘feminism’ and it has become a hot celebrity topic as of late, it is essentially to be in support of women’s equal rights. These 5 male stars have spoken on how they feel about the subject, coming forward to show that they believe women should […]

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Joseph Gordon Levitt Comments on Porn & His Scarlett Johansson Crush

Posted by PZ on September 9th, 2013

Joseph Gordon Levitt recently completed his directorial debut which stars Scarlett Johansson – the film, named ‘Don Jon’ is simply about a girl who loves romantic comedies and a guy who prefers porn. Explaining why he selected Scarlett for the film, Joseph reveals that he wrote the script with her in mind because not only […]

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5 Actors Who Want to Work Behind the Camera in Future

Posted by PZ on January 1st, 2013

While they might currently spend most of their time in front of the camera, these 5 actors are contemplating moving behind it in the future. Some have written scripts that they feel could make great movies but only if they can direct themselves so they want to be behind the camera to make sure their […]

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5 Celebrities Who Hate Their Fame

Posted by PZ on September 20th, 2012

For these 5 celebrities, the fame that came with their career is something they didn’t want and they don’t enjoy that part of their lives. They say it makes them feel uncomfortable and they don’t understand why people are so interested in them personally. Although they love their jobs, the loss of privacy and the […]

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Zooey Deschanel Sadly Just Won’t Hook Up!

Posted by PZ on August 21st, 2012

In horrifyingly sad news, it appears Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t going to ever hook up with his ‘500 Days of Summer’ co-star Zooey Deschanel – according to him, they like to laugh about the fact that fans of the movie are obsessed with them getting together, but the truth is that they are great friends and […]

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Doesn’t Like the Concept of Fame, Was a “Snobby” Teenager

Posted by PZ on July 20th, 2012

Joseph Gordon-Levitt admits that when he was a teenager, he really didn’t understand girls. He describes himself as “snobby” and used to think girls were evil because they’d check themselves out in mirrors all the time. He thought girls back then were just frustrating: “I was a sort of serious little dude—snobby. I thought girls […]

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Morning Links: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Upset At GQ Deceased Brother Story

Posted by PZ on July 18th, 2012

Joseph has written on his tumblr page about his disappointment regarding the GQ article Gossip Joseph Gordon-Levitt Upset At GQ Claims About Deceased Brother – stupidcelebrities Antonio Banderas Trying to Save His Marriage to Melanie Griffith – haveuheard Rolling Stone Sexes Up The Young Justin Bieber – hollywoodbackwash Real Housewives of New York Recap: Pinot […]

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3 Actors, Including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Who Are Also Directors

Posted by Katie F. on February 8th, 2012

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is trying to set himself up as a triple threat in Hollywood – he already has a successful acting career, but now he’s trying his hand at writing and directing too. He will make his debut as a director with an untitled comedy for which he wrote the script. He’ll also star in […]

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3 Actresses, Including Zooey Deschanel, Who Can Also Sing

Posted by Katie F. on December 30th, 2011

It seemed like Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt hit it off in 500 Days of Summer, but they actually knew each other long before filming that movie. According to Zooey, they’ve been friends for almost 12 years now. She says they have a lot of fun together and she hopes “to do a thousand more […]

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Scarlett Johansson And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Swapping Spit

Posted by Katie F. on October 20th, 2011

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6 Stars Who’ve Admitted to Smoking Pot

Posted by PZ on October 18th, 2011

Lots of stars obviously smoke a little pot every now and then (and have even been caught on camera doing so) but these 6 stars have decided to be up front about the whole thing, and simply just admit it. Some say they used to smoke pot when they were younger, others even admit to […]

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Vanity Fair: 2011 Hollywood Issue

Posted by katie h. on February 2nd, 2011

For the 17th annual Hollywood Issue cover of Vanity Fair features popular celebrities like Anne Hathaway, James Franko, Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal as well as newcomers like Jesse Eisenberg and Noomir Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). Here are some behind the scenes photos of the shoot! Ryan reading, what else, a Vanity […]

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16 Male Stars Wearing Glasses

Posted by PZ on January 12th, 2011

Whether it’s nerdy chic, or an actual need to see (always a good reason to wear glasses) these stars have opted for a pair of lenses to suit their style.  Kanye may have started the whole ‘nerd glasses’ thing which stars such as Jay-Z and Chris Brown have also rocked, while other celebrities such as […]

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt named GQ Rising Star of the Year

Posted by katie h. on December 8th, 2010

Joseph Gordon-Levitt beat out fellow actor Ryan Gosling as GQ magazine’s Rising Star of the Year for 2010 (though Ryan was awarded Contender of the Year, but that just seems like second place to me). Alongside Levitt, other awards were announced.  Such as, Scarlett Johannson as Babe of the Year (not a bad choice), Stephen […]

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Five Biggest Leading Men

Posted by katie h. on December 7th, 2010

According to New York Magazine James Franco, Joseph Jordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Jesse Eisenburg, and Michael Fassbender (who??) are the top five current leading actors. And I can’t say I disagree.

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Quick Smacks: Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Brother Dan Dead At 36

Posted by PZ on October 6th, 2010

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s brother Dan has passed away, aged just 36, the cause of death has not been made official Gossip Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Brother Dan Dead At 36 – Michael Lohan turned away at the Betty Ford Center – This beautiful woman’s name is James Franco – Lisa Rinna has new lips! – […]

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