Jessie Ware Takes Makeup Tips From Her Mother


Singer Jessie Ware has opened up on being encouraged to experiment with her beauty look by her mother. Jessie says her mom has always been very glamorous and would even do perfect makeup for just doing the school run. Now that Jessie is in the spotlight, her mother passes along some makeup tips and Jessie always likes how they look. The singer explained:

“She used to drop us at school with perfectly applied red lipstick. She has amazing skin and she constantly tells us to wear more make-up. When I did the ‘Late Late Show with James Corden’, my mum instructed the make-up artist to give me a red lip and leave my hair down – I loved it.”

When it comes to stage makeup, Jessie likes to wear more than usual because the lights are so bright. She is a big fan of contouring but adds that it must be applied correctly or it can look awful. She also believes blending is the key to perfect makeup, while good lighting is also essential when you want to look your best in front of an audience or on camera:

”On stage I can get away with more make-up because of the bright lights. I don’t feel finished unless I have a bit of contouring but it can go so wrong – you don’t want it to look like fancy-dress make-up. I’ve had to learn to master it. A pen is easy to put in your bag. My tip is blend, blend, blend. And have good lighting when you do it.”