Jessica Stam on Fashion Week Beauty Preparation & Skin Tips

Posted by PZ on October 6th, 2017


Top model Jessica Stam has revealed how she prepares for Fashion Week. The model usually gets a facial to prepare her skin and says that if she is taking to the runway, she makes sure to cleanse her skin the night before the big event:

“I usually get a facial about a week before Fashion Week, and then I make sure to wash my face the night before I have a show.”

The model is a big fan of beauty sleep and tries to get a full night’s sleep to look her best, while she loves to pick up a smoothie to boost her skin further:

“I try to get my eight hours of beauty sleep a night. I also like to start my day off with a smoothie from Liquiteria. I’ve been doing this for so long that it’s so much less hectic for me so I’m able to have fun with it.”

Jessica reveals that she is a big fan of budget drugstore finds and especially loves to use classic L’Oréal mascara:

“Oh god, I love drugstore beauty products so much! L’Oréal has great mascara, just the one with the regular brush – I love it!”

Her biggest skin tip is to use organic rosewater, which she explains has multiple uses when it comes to beauty, and can be applied on your hair, face and skin:

“Organic Rosewater is amazing! It can help freshen up your foundation between make-up looks. I also use it in my hair, on my skin, it’s the best!”


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