Jessica Hart Shares Her Beauty Routine & Secrets

Posted by PZ on December 2nd, 2020


Australian model Jessica Hart has shared her simple beauty routine, revealing that she only uses two products on her face – a gel and tinted moisturiser. The model, who has her own beauty and cosmetics range named Luma, explained her minimal and simple daily routine:

“I shower and moisturise, I use the B5 gel, I just like to have one thing on my face, I try not to layer on too much, then I’ll use the tinted moisturiser on top. That’s it!”

Sharing her favourite current product, Jessica’s most loved makeup item is a nude lipstick because it balances the natural colour of her lips and makes them look just a little shimmery:

“My last must-have would have to be my Sheer Lipstick in Nude Shimmer, I love it because it takes out the red in my lips, it’s not too opaque and it’s not too white, it’s just got the right amount of shimmer in it.”

Sharing her beauty secrets, Jessica remembers some advice her mother gave her when she was first entering the modelling world, and it’s something she still does to this day:

“My mum always used to tell me, when I was 14 and I was going to my first castings, because I’ve always had dry lips, ‘Put your lip balm on’. Then after I put it on, she’d say put it on your brow bones and your cheekbones. So now I’ve always done that naturally, whenever I put my lip balm on I just use whatever’s left over on my finger I put it on the top of my cheekbones and my brow bones. And I think that’s what’s made me love the Luma highlighter so much, because it’s like a natural, finer version of that, it’s not too shimmery.”


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