Jessica Alba: You “Have to Wear Makeup When You’re Blonde”


Jessica Alba‘s hair has been every hue from bright blonde to dark brown, and now the actress has spoken on her changing hair colour. Jessica says she enjoys being a blonde and even notices she gets more attention when she has the hair colour. However, she believes that blondes have to wear makeup, but when she’s a brunette she’s able to go more natural and just throw on a pair of sunglasses. She explained:

“Having blonde hair is great and you get a lot more attention, but the maintenance is second to none and you really have to wear make-up when you’re blonde. With darker hair I can get away with sunglasses and my hair pulled back. I like changing my colour, it brings out a different side of me.”

Opening up on the idea of cosmetic surgery, Jessica says she isn’t against it, and completely understands why some women go under the knife, especially if they just want to repair their figures after having kids because she thinks sometimes it’s the only solution:

“Some women get stretch marks and saggy after having babies and sometimes you can’t repair it with anything but a tummy tuck. It’s just genetics. I want to be able to wear a bikini when I’m 40 and still be sexy for my man, so who knows?”

Alba also says that being very fit is no longer a huge priority for her, and she doesn’t work out as often as she used to:

“It’s not a priority. I worked out a lot after I had my daughters. I feel like I worked out so much before then in my life that I’ve stopped enjoying it. I’d rather just return e-mails, talk to my girlfriends, watch bad TV or have a glass of wine. Hitting the treadmill just doesn’t seem that much fun anymore. And in the mornings, I want to wake up and be with my kids and spend time. Nothing else.”