Jessica Alba Shares Her “Shocking” Beauty Secret


Jessica Alba has shared her surprising beauty secret – she loves Korean face masks. The masks, which are thin sheets that cover the whole face except the eyes and with a small hole for the mouth, look “shocking” when she puts them on but she credits the masks for giving her a glowing complexion. She said:

”When I put on one of those face masks – the best ones are from Korea – it’s definitely shocking. I look like a serial killer from an ’80s horror movie.”

Jessica also founded ‘The Honest Company’, and she’s doing her best to support some good causes through her eco-friendly business. She’s donating $1 from particular purchases towards prostate and testicular cancer causes as her way of taking part in ‘Movember’, where men grow facial hair to raise awareness of those cancers. She explained that she’s been trying to get everyone she knows to take part:

”Movember is important to me because I’ve got men in my life that I want to live the longest and healthiest lives possible – my dad, my husband and my brother. Men are 24 percent less likely to have visited the doctor in the past year, so it’s a cool, memorable way to remind men that we’re looking out for them and that they need to take care of themselves. My brother does it every year, but my father and husband take a little more convincing. This cause has picked up so much steam, and more of my friends are doing it every year.”