Jess and Eve Gale of Love Island reveal that they give themselves pep talks before raunchy shoots to boost their confidence: “If you look nervous, it’s just not going to work!”

Jess and Eve Gale of Love Island have admitted that they have to give themselves ‘pep talks’ before racy photoshoots because they don’t always feel like the sexy figures fans see in photographs.

Love Island’s Jess and Eve Gale discuss their bikini photography work

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline during the launch of their Christmas lingerie collection with Nikki Intimates, the siblings, 23, explained how they had to put on a confident face before going in front of the camera, saying, ‘If you look nervous, it’s just not going to work!’

Since rising to fame in the sixth series of Love Island in 2020, the girls have continued to dazzle with jaw-dropping modeling shoots that showcase their equally jaw-dropping figures.

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Their Instagram pages are filled with stunning photos of them posing in a variety of hot outfits.

However, Jess and Eve revealed that there is an element of ‘faking it to make it’ as they put on a smile and strut into the studio with confidence, despite not necessarily feeling that way on the inside.

Eve explained how they deal with this, specifically their recent shoot with the underwear brand:

“I feel like although we come across very confident on shoots, inside I’m like thinking, “oh my God, I don’t feel it!”

“I just try and get that across because I don’t want to come across like I’m nervous.”

Meanwhile, Jess added: “For the shoot we were literally in the bathroom, and we gave ourselves a pep talk and said “right let’s go out and be confident and just do this!”

“Because that’s the only way you can feel confident doing a lingerie shoot. They gave us these robes to put on as in the studio there’s the cameraman, the videographer, the make-up artist, the hair people – all these people you’ve never met, and you literally walk out in lingerie!”

“So, it is nerve-wracking at first, but we just told ourselves that we need to be confident here. If you creep out in your robe and look nervous, it’s just not going to work – you have to strut out and put on that face of confidence otherwise it’s going to be awkward for everyone!”

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While the blonde beauties encourage each other to be their sexiest selves, they also have advice for their fans who may not be as self-assured.

They said: “One of the best things is to really get out of your head. A lot of people are insecure about what other people may think and they might have the spotlight effect thinking “everyone’s looking at me”. But really, what you see is completely minor to everyone else.

“I’ve never come across someone who is one hundred percent completely confident in themselves. But also, there’s a little bit of faking it until you make it.”

“If you walk out the door in an outfit that you like and carry yourself well and think “I look beautiful today”, that’s going to come across. Body language and what you tell yourself is really important.”

They continued: “It sounds really cliché but the more you try and love yourself and embrace your own body, the more it comes across in the way you carry yourself. There’s no real guide on what looks good, on social media it’s very lucky in this generation that you see people that are all different sizes, people are very body positive.”

Jess added: “I’m not at that stage where I’m confident to be like that, to be a body positive influencer, but there are so many out there, which is really useful.”

And while the sisters have grown in confidence with their bodies, they’ve also developed their confidence with their careers as they’re no longer the ‘naïve’ 20-year-olds they were when they strutted into the Mallorca villa almost three years ago.

On the lessons they’ve learned since finding fame, Jess explained: “When I first came out of the villa, I didn’t know the industry, I was just going with the flow and there were other people to rely on to make the decisions for you.”

“Now, I just think this is my career, it’s my choice which direction it goes in. I’m a little bit more inclined to put my foot down, to say no to things I don’t want to do and do things I really want to do.”

Love Island's Jess and Eve Gale
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With a slew of brand collaborations under their belts, nearly two million Instagram followers between them, and a burgeoning modeling career, Jess and Eve revealed how they fell into their careers ‘naturally’ – and they couldn’t be happier.

“We saw the kind of career you can get from it, and we thought we liked it’ explained Eve. We really just learnt as you go along and now, we’re just focuses on being the best that we can be. It naturally happened. It helps that we enjoy it, it’s a good career. We can make money from it.”

However, with fame comes negativity, and the girls were no strangers to their fair share of haters, especially at the start of their Love Island experience, with dad Brian frequently jumping to their defense.

Jess elaborated on how she deals with trolls: “On my own Instagram you can filter out words and that prevented a lot of trolls from coming to my attention. Now I feel like trolling is less on my Instagram.”

“I used to look at bad comments, but now I honestly think there’s no point in torturing myself. I’m quite immune to it now but I honestly don’t even check.”

With Eve adding: “Sometimes those motivational quote things are good, I saw one which said something like “if no ones talking about you and if no one’s criticising you, then it shows you’re not really doing anything”.

“With anyone in the public eye, there’s always someone that has something to say. Over time, after the three years, I think you can’t take it to heart. You’ll just destroy your self-esteem.

“You’ve just got to keep going with it. I try and not to listen to it as much. If I do get a message, I don’t keep hold of it for a week, I just think they’re a sad little troll.”

Sharing that sometimes they can never win no matter what, they added: “If you’re too fat, if you’re too skinny etc. – people will still troll you, they troll everyone!

“If you look at every single influencer, everyone will have something to say about them. I could try and me less like me and more like this person, only to then be trolled in the same way that that person gets. So, I just think, you honestly can’t live your life to please trolls.”

While the reality stars have gained the confidence to face photoshoots and trolls, they have admitted that public opinion has changed the way they see themselves in comparison to how they felt before fame.

Jess said: “Once you are on Love Island and get big on social media, you are exposed to so many more people’s opinions. I think naturally it makes you more self-conscious of your appearance.”

“I’m definitely more hyper-focused on it than I was before. If I didn’t go on the show, I’d be a lot more carefree about what I look like. I don’t feel like I was pressured to look any kind of way, I just put pressure on myself to change up my look now, nothing drastic.”

It comes after the pair raised eyebrows on Friday by posing in racy lingerie from their new Nikki Intimates collection.

The twins looked stunning as they posed in a variety of revealing outfits for a raunchy photoshoot to promote the line, which debuted on November 18.

This is the twins’ first collaboration with a lingerie brand, bringing their own collection of sexy underwear sets and sleepwear pieces just in time for the holidays.

The duo announced the news in a joint Instagram post as the new faces of British-born lingerie brand Nikki Intimates for their official Christmas campaign:

“We are so excited to be finally launching our first ever lingerie line with @nikkiintimates

“It’s been a long time coming…and a dream come true for us both. Jessica & Eve X Nikki Intimates Christmas Collection is now LIVE. We hope you love it as much as we do!”

They told MailOnline about the campaign:

“We were approached by this brand before, about a year ago. We’d held off till now to do it and have been in talks with them for a while, but it’s lovely to get this out now.”

“They’re a really lovely team, they’ve really let us be involved in designs and styles and colours, it was really nice to get to the shoot and see it all. It’s nice because lingerie, there’s so many options, we’ve had a lot of chance to have input in it.”

They also stated that they wanted their fans to feel’sexy and confident’ in their lingerie, which is available in a variety of sizes and styles.