Jennifer Aniston stuns in a robe, and her adoring followers call her “hotter than hell”

(Source: Instagram/ @lolavie)

Jennifer Aniston was awarded the nickname “hotter than hell” following a photoshoot in which she looked stunning in a robe.

Fans of Jennifer Aniston say she is “hotter than hell” after she wowed them in a robe

Former Friends cast member In an intimate new Instagram video, Jennifer Aniston worked with her hairstylist while wearing nothing but a navy blue robe to hide her magnificent curves.

The former Friends star sat in a make-up chair as her hairstylist combed her straight brown tresses out of her face, and she looked as young as ever.

In her personal Instagram video, the celebrity opted for a glamorous makeup look, brushing purple eyeshadow over her eyelids and applying a light coat of mascara.

While looking in the mirror, she applied pink blush to her cheekbones and chose a light pink lip color.

Jen hid her figure with a short navy robe with a deep V-neckline that was wrapped tightly across her torso, revealing her tanned thighs as the robe slid up her legs.

As she promoted the latest LolaVie offering, Jennifer told her audience, “I have something very new and exciting that has just happened, and that is…”

In response to consumer feedback, the company stated, “We were listening to all of our fabulous customers, and a lot of reviews were coming in that the conditioner bottle was really hard to get conditioner out of, and I kind of agreed – beyond agreed with that.”

And then Jennifer said, “And so look what happened! A tube. Isn’t that exciting? Look how easy that comes out!”

(Source: Instagram/ @lolavie)

She then squirted some of the substance over her palm while smiling at the camera, making her adoring followers go wild.

The video’s caption provided more context: “And so look what happened! A tube. Isn’t that exciting? Look how easy that comes out!”

“Making it easier for you to get every last drop.”

One viewer remarked, “Looking hotter than hell!” as another agreed: “Aww she’s so precious.”

In 2021, Jennifer introduced her haircare line LolaVie, which featured products made with “parabens, silicones, sulphates, phthalates, and gluten” instead of synthetic or artificial chemicals.

A post on the company’s official account said, “LolaVie officially launches – a little idea from @jenniferaniston that evolved into a line made to help your hair feel healthy and look effortless.”