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Jennifer Aniston dresses down to show off her hair transformation

Jennifer Aniston, the actress, was dubbed the “Queen of Good Hair” after appearing in a Q&A video for her hair brand Lolavie.

Jennifer Aniston’s curly locks had her fans swooning in a new Instagram post

Jennifer Aniston

(Image: @lolavie/Instagram)

On Monday, the former Friends actress, 53, appeared in a Q&A video for her Lolavie hair brand. The Hollywood actress radiated beauty as she let her curly blonde hair cascade over her face in loose tresses that spilled onto her robe.

Jen wore a silky blue dressing gown as she answered questions about her hair to give fans a glimpse into her beauty routine.

Jen never ceases to astound the camera with her timeless beauty, and this week she glowed with rosy cheeks and a full face of makeup.

Nonetheless, she managed to make her latest homely look appear effortless and natural.

Fans and friends were blown away by her gorgeous hair and flocked to the comments section to praise her curls, with one calling her the “Queen of good hair.”

Ereka Vetrini, a TV host in the United States, wrote: “Love the curls!!” as a fan agreed: “Love the curls!”

Another stated: JA doesn’t ever have bad hair days and that’s just the FACTS!”

A third person stated: “Queen of GOOD hair.. All of us KNOW this”

The Rachel star revealed in the selfie video that she showers both in the morning and later in the day and prefers coffee to tea.

When asked how frequently she washes her hair, she replied: “If I’m working, every day. If I’m not working, I try to, you know… every three days.”

The actress was also questioned: “Do you ever have a bad hair day”, which she openly admitted: “Yes.”