Jason Wu Always Finds Design Inspiration, Loves Fashion’s Loyalty

Posted by admin on May 10th, 2019

Fashion designer Jason Wu currently designs pieces for his own label, as well as for Hugo Boss each season, and he has spoken on how he always finds a way to get inspired to create something fresh. He says that his passion drives him, and although it is a lot of work to take on, he doesn’t find the load heavy because he enjoys the whole process so much. He also often uses the past season as a way to get started on a new collection and usually doesn’t start from scratch. The designer explained:

“[Getting inspired] – it’s what I love to do. You have to love it, or else it’s a lot of work. It’s about being creative all the time and being able to work with a lot of different people. It’s so important to have a team that you really trust to work with – that makes it easier. It doesn’t feel like I have to start all over every season. I’m building off the last collection and the one before that. It’s an evolution. It’s fun to see that happen. I thrive on that process.”

Jason adds that he is often surprised by how fast-paced the fashion industry can be, but he does like that the people involved don’t often change so there is a possibility to connect with people and have a real bond with people who are loyal. He commented:

“I don’t know if it’s really surprising, but the amount of change is much more than I ever expected. But what’s great about it is that even though fashion can be very dismissive of last season, a lot of the people in the industry go way back. People are really quite loyal in an industry that, on the surface, is quite fickle.”

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