Jasmine Harman hailed ‘so sexy’ as she stripped to clingy swimwear

The A Place In The Sun actress’ clingy swimsuit made plenty of her fans jealous .

Jasmine Harman hailed 'so sexy' as she stripped to clingy swimwear
(Image: Instagram./ @jasmineharman)

In a post to her Instagram account, the 47-year-old actress showed off her fabulous figure while on a sandy beach, oozing confidence and style.

With a white earring and a full face of glam, she paired her beach-ready look with a full look of glam.

The video’s caption reads: “Summer is upon us – love your summer body, whatever shape it is! It’s not all fun in the sun! Sometimes it’s fun in the cloud too!”

(Image: Instagram./ @jasmineharman)

This post wowed Jasmine’s 124,000 followers – who were left drooling over their phones.

Among Jasmine’s followers, one wrote: “You look smashing!”

while another added: “Absolutely stunning.” Yet another branded Jasmine as: “Sizzling.”

Another concluded: “Still stunning.”

(Image: Instagram./ @jasmineharman)

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About Jasmine Harman :

Originally from England, Jasmine Isabelle Harman (born 15 November 1975) is an English television presenter, radio presenter, property expert and writer. From 2004 to 2019, she co-presented the Channel 4 series A Place in the Sun: Home or Away with Jonnie Irwin.