January Jones Reveals Her Mother’s Best Beauty Advice


‘Mad Men’ actress January Jones has spoken on the best beauty advice she ever received from her mother. January reveals that her mom always told her not to pull strange faces because her face would freeze that way. She also advised her not to over-pluck her eyebrows because it can be aging:

“She always told me that if I kept making so many weird and ugly faces my face would eventually freeze that way. Luckily I found a job where funny and/or frozenfaces are encouraged. Also, to not over pluck your eyebrows, a strong brow makes you look younger.”

On her most essential beauty products, January says she simply can’t live without facial creams, particularly a product by Sisely:

“Face creams of course. I can’t live without Sisely’s Supremya night cream. It’s worth your rent money.”

January believes nail polishes are important and says that for her part in ‘Mad Men’ she often has to wear acrylic nails so she likes to add her own finishing touch by selecting a shade:

“It’s very important because I wear acrylics for Mad Men and am constantly changing the polish from work colors (frosty white, coral, classic red or pink), to a nude or light pink to disguise how long they are. And if I want to go bold, I love a deep red.”

The actress thinks men do prefer blondes but doesn’t understand why:

“I think gentlemen rarely have a preference but having been a red head and a brunette before, I will say I get more attention being a blond, it must have something to do with light reflection.”