Isabel Marant is Bored of Her Ubiquitous Wedge Sneaker



…and frankly, who could blame her? Paris-based designer Isabel Marant created the wedge sneaker which was quickly sold out and copycatted by a plethora of other shoe designers, high street brands and more. Seen on a whole bunch of celebrities and all over the street for the last few years, the wedge sneaker style has been everywhere for quite some time now and Marant admits she bored of the design, even if it is one of her most famous. Although she reveals that people are still buying them, she has branded knock-off versions as “super ugly” and she hates seeing them everywhere:

“They still have something special, even though there are a lot of copies and the bad copies are super-ugly.”

She says she doesn’t like wearing them personally anymore, although they are very comfortable to wear while off-duty and at weekends and she still feels great when she put them on:

 “I don’t wear them as often as I [used to] because I see too [many bad copies] in the street. I’m not saying mine are the most beautiful shoes, but they have a certain [style]. And on the weekends, I’m so happy to have them because I feel so good in them. I don’t want to throw them out.”

Marant says that she has given in to demand and continues to make wedge trainers because they’re so popular with people and they’re still very interested in owning the original wedge sneaker design:

 “People want [the original]. I’m still selling a lot.”