Is the Gaming World a Men’s World

The gaming landscape has changed over the years. Perhaps the most exciting change in the gaming industry is the expanding gamers’ demographics. More people play video games today, creating demand for more immersive experiences and easier ways to access games. 

Today’s video gaming industry is arguably more significant than the music and movie industries. Tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Meta have plans to enter it. Apart from technical innovations, there’s also an increase in video gaming-related merchandise. 

Men And Video Games

Researchers at Stanford’s school of medicine discovered that men are more active in the mesocorticolimbic center while playing games than women. This center is a region in the brain associated with reward and addiction. 

Gender differences in the brain explain why men are more attracted to games with a likelihood of getting hooked than females. Women are more likely to be hooked on shopping, especially fashion apparently. 

According to Statista, 48% of gamers in the US were women in 2022, up from 45% in the previous year. Most female games do it to maintain relationships and for social engagement. 

Why The Trend?

The gaming industry is male dominated because of its history. After the release of the first video game in 1958, women were not seen as serious gamers and were not given similar opportunities. The gaming culture is also hostile to women. 

Besides, the landscape is tech oriented. Men are more interested in the latest tech and possess the skills required more than women do. Even the marketing often focuses on men rather than women. Gamers are tailored as boys or men, keeping females out of the industry. 

Life Of an Average Male Gamer

Males 30 years or younger spend about seven hours weekly on games. The gaming console is an entertainment staple for millennials. Many carry their love for video games into adulthood. 

There is a fear that gaming will stop being merely a hobby for children and teens and will become an activity adored by both young and old folks. An American Medical Association’s Council on Science and Public Health report revealed that about 90% of youths in the US play games, with about 9% being addicted. 

These children. suffer from problems such as

  • Aggression
  • Underachievement in academics
  • Weight gain

Who Is Likely to Be at Risk?

Men and women can show signs of gaming addiction, such as excessive gameplay, neglecting friends, and a sense of euphoria. Addiction to video games also causes young people to suffer from low self-esteem and become depressed or isolated. 

Sometimes young people indulge in compulsive gaming, putting their health at risk and those around them. Blizzard Entertainment, which is behind World of Warcraft, was forced to tone down features that may inspire players to become addicted.  

Makers of video games also focus on games with social components to minimize the impact of addiction. Parents are strongly advised to limit how long their kids can stay playing video games. 

Games Most Favored By Females 

The number of women in the gaming industry is increasing, taking up roles as gamers, commentators, and creators. Some of the most popular genres loved by women are:

  • Adventure games
  • RPGs
  • Puzzle games 
  • Action-adventure games
  • Platform games 

Females prefer games with immersive dynamics related to. Besides, there are now female protagonists in games, attracting female fans. They are attracted by the story behind the game and prefer single player modes.


Despite the stereotyping, the number of females in the gaming industry is steadily growing. More women are joining the industry as trendsetters, just like men. These women have gained in-depth knowledge about game dynamics, how they work, how to respond to situations, and what to expect.