Is Fall Guys Current down ? How to check the Fall Guys servers ?

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Is Fall Guys Current outages ?

At the time of writing, the Fall Guys is outages (Most reported problems : 86% is Server Connection, 3% is Login  and 11% about Game Play). However, this could change at any time due to updates, patches, and planned or unplanned maintenance.

How to check the Fall Guys servers ?

Follow 4 steps below to check the Fall Guys servers :

  • First off, make sure that your Internet connection is working properly.
  • Next, try to do a hard reset of your console, whether it be an Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch.
  • Follow the the official Fall Guys twitter account provides updates on upcoming server maintenance schedules for Fall Guys.
  • Checking the third-party DownDetector page for the franchise .

Fall Guys Wiki :

Fall Guys (formerly known as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout) is a free-to-play platform battle royale game developed by Mediatonic. The game involves up to 60 players who control jellybean-like creatures and compete against each other in a series of randomly selected mini-games, such as obstacle courses or tag.

Developer(s) Mediatonic
  • Devolver Digital (2020–2021)
  • Epic Games (2021–present)
Director(s) Jamie Riding
Producer(s) Alex Ruse
Designer(s) Joseph Walsh
  • Joel Herber
  • Rakesh Vangur
  • Rob Jackson
  • Ash Kerins
  • Dan Hoang
  • Nicolas Pessina
Engine Unity
  • PlayStation 4
  • Windows
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S
Release PS4, Win
  • WW: 4 August 2020
NS, PS5, Xbox One, Series X/S
  • WW: 21 June 2022
Android, iOS
  • CHN: TBA
Genre(s) Battle royale, platform
Mode(s) Multiplayer