Indiana Jones: Craziest Behind The Scenes Stories

Indiana Jones, in terms of movie franchises, is right up there. It’s hugely popular and has been very successful at the box office. As everyone knows, Harrison Ford is the man tasked with playing Indiana Jones, with four movies in the collection so far and a fifth due to arrive in 2023. But, what’s always been of significant interest is the goings-on behind the scenes over the years.

A Scene From A Different Film

It’s always the case with movies where loads of scenes are filmed, and not all of them make it into the final cut. It happens all the time. But, for those who want to feast their eyes on some scenes that don’t quite cut the mustard, they’re often included with DVD versions and the like. However, what if we told you that in Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull actually uses a scene cut from an entirely different film? In this instalment of the Indiana Jones collection, there’s a scene from Back to the Future, so keep your eyes peeled.

Indiana Jones Inspired Games

When a movie franchise sets sail, if it’s good, it will naturally inspire other entertainment areas. But not many films have done it to the level of Indiana Jones. There have been Indiana Jones video games for PC, handheld, console, mobile and even social media. Fans can even discover Indiana-inspired slots games online. The franchise’s popularity has been integral in becoming a source of inspiration across the board, and there are already plans for more games around the time of the next movie release in 2023.

Legless Lizards Replaces Snakes

Did you know that there are legless lizards out there, and they also appear in Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Ark? During the movie, Indy is on the hunt for the Ark of the Covenant, and he ends up putting his hands in the Well Of Souls, going in search of the torch he’d dropped. But, with his hands in the Well Of Souls, Indy famously says, “Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?” But, while there were some snakes involved, there were also plenty of legless lizards that can be mistaken for snakes due to their appearance.

Harrison Ford Didn’t Need A Stuntman

Let’s face it, a lot of top actors don’t do their own stunts, especially if they could come to harm during filming. But Harrison Ford wanted to buck that trend, and his work underlines that as Indiana Jones. There is the famous scene in Indiana Jones And The Lost Ark where he’s thrown from a moving truck, manoeuvres himself underneath the vehicle, and then is seen holding onto a rope as he’s pulled along by the truck at speed. And, believe it or not, that was all Ford’s work. He’s always been renowned for doing as many stunts of his own as possible, which adds more authenticity to films he stars in.