How to Use The Teal Style Card in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Teal Mask DLC

Teal Style Card pokemon scarlet violet

No need to worry if you’re unsure about utilizing the Teal Style Card in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet; we’re here to help. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on obtaining and making the most of it.

How to get the Teal Style Card in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To get started, you need to progress through the DLC’s storyline until you meet Kieran and Carmine’s grandparents. They will grant you the Teal Style Card, a key item that unlocks special clothing options and accessories. After obtaining the Teal Style Card, you can find it in the Key Items pouch of your backpack or bag.

How to use it

The description on the Teal Style Card mentions that it can be used at various stores. However, upon exploring Kitakami, you might notice a lack of suitable shops to use this card. To make full use of the card’s potential, you’ll need to head back to Paldea.

Once you’re back in Paldea, you’ll be able to utilize the Teal Style Card to its fullest extent. Whether you’re in the mood for a fresh haircut or looking to upgrade your fashion accessories, every shop you enter will now grant you access to special items exclusively available with the Teal Style Card.

Identifying Exclusive Style Card Items

To identify which items are exclusive to the Teal Style Card, simply enter any of the Salons or clothing stores in Paldea. As soon as you step inside, a new dialogue will greet you. No additional action is required; the cutscene triggers automatically. This dialogue welcomes you as a Teal Style Cardholder and unlocks new clothing options and hairstyles.

As you browse through the available selections, you’ll notice a teal box icon to the left of certain items. This icon signifies that the item is exclusive and can only be purchased while you have the Teal Style Card.

Expanding Your Options

When you enter a clothing shop, you’ll experience a similar dialogue welcoming you as a Teal Style Cardholder. Not to worry, you won’t encounter this every time you visit a shop, as news of your arrival will quickly spread to other clothing outlets. Simply keep an eye out for the teal icon as you explore the new clothing options available in Paldea.

Now you’re all set to embark on your Pokemon adventure once again, armed with an array of fresh and exclusive customization choices courtesy of the Teal Style Card. Happy styling!