How to Tightline Your Eye Makeup to Create Fuller Looking Lashes


Once you know how to tightline your eye makeup, you’ll never go without it. It’s a simple makeup trick that just makes you look instantly more polished and creates the appearance of fuller and thicker lashes. Start with freshly cleansed and toned eyes and select either a kohl pencil in black or a liquid eyeliner with a thin nib, depending on which product you’d prefer and the end result you’re after (kohl looks more smoky naturally but liquid eyeliner will appear more clean and precise when it’s finished).

To begin with, open up your upper lid, gently pulling back the crease of your eye to reveal the inner waterline and lash area. Gently stroke on some eyeliner, working from the edge to the inner eye. Apply to the waterline and as close to the lashes as possible, wedging some of the product between the lashes too. For a dramatic look, make the line thicker at the edge and thinner towards the center of the eye – this will result in a cateye effect.

Now release your lid and apply a thin layer above the upper lash line, also trying to connect the line you’ve just added to the waterline – you’re effectively filling in the dots between lashes and creating a completely filled in black area. When you’re done, your lash area will look darker and it will naturally look thicker as a result. Finish off the look with a few layers of mascara and if you’ve gone for a cateye look, extend the line slightly outside the eye area to finish.