How to Talk To Your Barber and Get the Haircut You Really want

There is nothing that beats the look of a good haircut. Have You ever seen an amazing and cool haircut from a celebrity or a friend and thought you would like to try it? However, when you went to the barbershop and whatever you wanted is not what you get? I am sad to say this but there is a possibility that the problem is not the barber but you. Maybe you were not able to illustrate well what you wanted.

In order to avoid a bad haircut, you should learn how to talk to your barber. Before you head out to the barbershop for that amazing haircut you have always wanted, here is a guide on how to talk to your barber to get the haircut that you really want.

Understand your Hair

Before you start giving instructions to your barber, you need to understand your hair. Everyone has a different type of hair in terms of color, texture, moisture, and thickness. If you want to get a good hair cut, an understanding of the various options available for your hair will work better. For instance, do not go to your barber to get the classical Jackson 5 afro yet you have caucasian hair.

Once you understand your hair, you will be better placed to ask for realistic hairstyles that actually work. Furthermore, you will be better placed at communicating with your barber on your requirements. In short, understand your hairstyle and be realistic before going to the barber.

You should also try to explain to your barber how you style your hair on normal days and the hair products you use. This will help him understand your hair better thereby giving you a better haircut.

Get the Right Terms

Communication is two-way and that means that whatever you are saying to your barber should make sense. This means that you should avoid using words that were made by your old barber and expect every barber in town to know them. Instead, you should focus on using terms that define what you want your hair to feel. Therefore, get to know how to explain what you want without using bombastic words.

While giving description to the barber you should avoid some phrases that are general. For instance,  instead of saying you want a little hair trimmed off describe it as taper or fade. You should also avoid describing the cut as just a trim. Instead, describe it as thin or layered.

Get a photo illustration of what you want

A picture is worth a thousand words. You could reduce a lot of descriptions required to be given to the barber by simply bringing a photo of the hairstyle you want. You should look for a good picture of the hairstyle you want. You can get good photos from the internet or magazines. You should, however, be clear on the parts of the hairstyle that you want different from the photo provided.

Tell your Barber what you Specifically want

The picture won’t provide all the details you want about your haircut. This means that you should tell them what you specifically want. You should be specific with your descriptions when talking to the barber. This will help them to visualize what you want. Furthermore, you should use your hand in guiding the barber on the area that needs to be trimmed more than the rest of the head.

You should be able to describe the length that you require. This should be emphasized even as the barber is cutting your hair as it is more of a team effort affair. You should be specific as possible on the length that you want as the barber proceeds with the cut.

Get the opinion of your Barber

Finally, after giving all the instructions to the barber, it is worthwhile giving him a time to seek clarification from you. Furthermore, you should give the barber a chance to express their opinion on what you want. After all, they are the experts in haircuts and will most probably know what would work for you. This does not mean they will change the hairstyle completely. Instead, they will be able to make adjustments so that it works for you.

In case you want better results you should choose a barber who is experienced. You can get a barbershop haircut in Nashville if you are looking for an expert who will understand you and offer the best advice.


Getting a cool and stylish haircut you have always wanted begins with proper communication with your barber. If you want to get a good hairstyle, then you should follow the guidelines given above on how to talk to your barber. You should also remember to get an experienced barber for the best results.