All Pokémon Go Twitch codes and How To Redeem them ?

How To Redeem Pokemon Go Twitch Codes For World Championships Research

Pokémon Go Twitch codes  will be given away in Twitch chat throughout the three days during the following times.

You will need to watch the streams, and the Pokemon Go Twitch stream start times are as follows:

Thursday, August 18th Twitch stream times (starting 7:30am UTC):

  • UK: 8:30am to 5pm (BST)
  • Europe: 9:30am to 6pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 3:30am to 12am (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 12:30am to 9am (PDT)

Friday, August 19th Twitch stream times (starting 7:45am UTC):

  • UK: 8:45am to 3pm (BST)
  • Europe: 9:45am to 4pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 3:45am to 10am (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 12:45am to 7am (PDT)

Saturday, August 20th Twitch stream times (starting 7:45am UTC):

  • UK: 8:45am to 4pm (BST)
  • Europe: 9:45am to 5pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 3:45am to 11am (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 12:45am to 8am (PDT)

To redeem a Pokémon Go code, you’ll need to go to the Niantic Rewards Website, sign in with the same credentials you use to access your Pokémon GO account, and enter your offer code. If all went well, a message will display the items added to your inventory.

Current Pokémon Go Twitch code :

Here are all of the codes that have been given out and have expired since the start of the Pokémon World Championships streams.

Pokémon GO Promo Code Expires
9D4BKMLQGY22H 1:59 pm BST / 5:59 am PT, 20th Aug 2022