How to get your LoL 2022 recap and stats

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Riot Games has started sending out year-end summaries to players today, detailing their performance throughout the year. This guide will show you how to access LoL make your mark wrapped stats and obtain the League of Legends 2022 recap.

How to get your LoL 2022 recap and stats

In a nutshell, all you have to do is sign up for Ri ot Games’ email list.. It’s very much like the VALFlashback method used with Valorant. The steps below were taken from the Valorant year-end review and should help you get the required email from Riot Games:

  • Log in at
  • On the left, you should see “COMMUNICATION PREFERENCES.” Click that.
  • Check the “Riot Games Communications” box, and you’re done.

get LoL 2022 recapUnfortunately, not everyone with communications turned on has received their League of Legends 2022 recap. However, as Reddit users pointed out, it’s a staggered release, so you could get it at any time this month. You should also regularly check your spam and junk mail folders.

LoL flashback 2022 stats

League of Legends players have started using the hashtag #makeyourmark to share their LoL 2022 wrapped recap stats on Twitter. Below are all the statistics you will receive from Riot Games:

  • Total Wins
  • Total Minions Slain
  • Total First Blood Kills
  • Total Vision Score
  • Longest Killing Spree
  • KDA

When compared to Valorant, we can see that these statistics are a little sketchy.

  • Most played agent
  • Most played role
  • Agent you killed the most
  • Aces
  • First blood
  • First blood victim
  • Clutches
  • Damage dealt vs last year
  • Total wins vs last year
  • KDA vs last year
  • Time played vs last year

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