Apex Legends Guide: How to Fix the Ranked Not Initialized Error

Are you ready to dominate the Apex Legends arenas, only to be met with the frustrating “Ranked Not Initialized” error? Fear not, fellow Legend! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to troubleshoot and potentially fix this common issue.

How to Fix the Ranked Not Initialized Error in Apex Legends

The Ranked Not Initialized error typically pops up when attempting to join ranked matches in Apex Legends. This usually indicates a problem on Apex’s end, like scheduled maintenance, overloaded servers, or unforeseen outages. However, occasional glitches on your internet connection or corrupted game files could also be culprits.

Here’s a step-by-step approach to tackling the Ranked Not Initialized error:

Restart the Game and Client

Sometimes, a simple restart can work wonders. Close Apex Legends and your Origin or Steam client completely before relaunching them.

Check Server Status

Head to the official Apex Legends Twitter account or third-party websites like Down Detector or Apex Legends Status. If widespread server issues are reported, you’ll need to wait for Respawn to resolve them.

Verify Internet Connection

Ensure your internet connection is stable. If other players aren’t reporting problems, consider checking the server status of online services like Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. Connectivity issues on these platforms can also prevent ranked access.

Ranked Not Initialized apex legends
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Switch Game Modes (Temporary Workaround)

This method isn’t foolproof, but it’s worth a try. Select the unranked Trios or Duos mode, ready up, and then request your squad leader to switch to Ranked.

Repair Game Files

Corrupted game files can sometimes cause errors. Here’s how to repair them:

  • Steam:¬†Right-click Apex Legends in your Library, select “Properties,” go to “Local Files,” and click “Verify integrity of game files.”
  • Origin:¬†Open the launcher, go to “My Game Library,” select Apex Legends, click the gear icon, and choose “Repair.” Wait for the process to complete.

If All Else Fails:

Unfortunately, some errors require a permanent fix from Respawn Entertainment. In such cases, keep an eye out for upcoming hotfixes or server-side adjustments.

Remember: Patience is key. By following these steps, you might be able to jump back into ranked competition in no time. If not, waiting for a permanent solution from Respawn is the best course of action. Now go forth, Legend, and conquer those ranked arenas!