How to Earn the Meltdown 240 Operator Nuke Skin in Warzone Season 2

Craving the ultimate bragging rights in Warzone 3? Earning the coveted Meltdown 240 Operator skin signifies your mastery of the battlefield. Here’s your comprehensive guide to achieving this feat through the Champion’s Quest contract.

How to Earn the Meltdown 240 Operator Nuke Skin in Warzone Season 2

Before attempting the challenge, ensure your squad meets one of these requirements:

  • Win five consecutive matches.
  • Win a total of 30 matches throughout the season.

Once eligible, a yellow crown contract marked “WZ” will appear on the map. One squad member must pick it up to initiate the 20-minute Champion’s Quest.

The Champion’s Quest unfolds in distinct stages, each demanding strategic teamwork:

  1. Locate a Geiger counter marked by a yellow phone with wings icon.
  2. Use the Geiger counter to find a radioactive cache within the marked green circle on the map. The closer you get, the higher the radiation level.
  3. Secure the first element from the cache.
  4. Find the nuclear safe and open it with a drill to obtain the second element.
  5. Shoot down the nuclear chopper marked by a yellow icon to collect the final element from its wreckage.
  6. Once all three elements are secured, a bomb site descends from the sky, marked by a yellow radioactive icon with wings. This marks the final leg of your perilous quest.

Meltdown 240 Operator Nuke Skin

  1.  Insert the collected elements into the designated slots within the bomb site, but beware: enemies can steal these elements, jeopardizing your progress.
  2. For two minutes, fiercely defend the bomb site against enemies attempting to defuse it. Re-detonate if necessary to secure victory.


Successfully defending the bomb site grants your squad victory and the coveted rewards:

  • Meltdown 240 Operator Skin
  • Acerbic Roil Weapon Camo
  • Number 1 Emblem
  • Nuke Crew Weapon Sticker
  • Atomic Weapon Charm
  • Big Boom Calling Card
  • Warning: Nuke Weapon Sticker
  • Dangerous Material Emblem

Bonus Tip: Each squad member who meets the win requirement has a personal attempt at the Champion’s Quest, offering your team potentially four tries to complete the challenge.

Warzone wiSo, assemble your most skilled squad, strategize meticulously, and embark on this challenging quest to claim your rightful place among the Warzone elite.