How to Create a Perfect Messy Ponytail


It may sound like an oxymoron, but there is such a thing as the “perfect” messy ponytail – too much mess and it looses that effortless vibe and becomes unkempt. This look is all about striking the right balance and making the hairstyle look unfussy. Constantly popping up on the catwalk, this hair trend is clearly here to stay and its popularity is on the rise once again. Start off with wet hair, allowing your locks to dry naturally – this will promote a messy look but give your locks a rough tidy-up if they need some taming. Next, spritz some texture spray on to locks and loosely scrunch up parts – don’t forget that the key to this hairdo is all about not being particularly thorough or even.

If you want to increase the messy look, slightly backcomb parts and scrunch hair further at random to create a disheveled vibe. To complete your ponytail, simply grab your hair loosely and tie up messily, not bothering to smooth out any bumps that form near the root unless huge bumps form that look unnatural – it just adds to the look further. Tie loosely and low so it looks thrown up without a care and finish with some hairspray if you want it to hold. This hairstyle mixes surf girl texture with a classic ponytail, and would also look great with additional braids or as a messy bun – just complete you look by loosely styling your hair in to a simple bun hairstyle instead. This casual spring hairstyle is perfect for relaxed days off and casual outings.