How to Craft MrBeast in Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft’s limitless crafting potential extends far beyond traditional items. You can craft colors, emotions, and even internet sensations like MrBeast! If you’re itching to add the iconic YouTuber to your collection, here’s a step-by-step guide.

How to Craft MrBeast in Infinite Craft

Unlike the real MrBeast who famously tackles outrageous challenges, crafting his character in Infinite Craft involves zero sweat. No month-long isolation or fear experiments necessary – just follow these steps:

Element 1 Element 2 Result
Earth Fire Lava
Lava Water Stone
Fire Water Steam
Steam Stone Geysir
Fire Steam Engine
Engine Engine Rocket
Rocket Rocket Satellite
Engine Steam Train
Rocket Train Bullet Train
Bullet Train Satellite Internet
Geysir Internet Youtube
Earth Earth Mountain
Water Water Lake
Lake Mountain Fjord
Fjord Water Whale
Earth Wind Dust
Dust Whale Sperm
Dust Sperm Baby
Baby Youtube Youtuber
Lake Lake Ocean
Fire Wind Smoke
Smoke Smoke Cloud
Cloud Fire Lightning
Lightning Ocean Squid
Internet Squid Squid Game
Squid Game Youtuber MrBeast

MrBeast Infinite Craft

With MrBeast added to your collection, you now have the biggest YouTube personality at your fingertips. Let your imagination run wild and create a world where you can collaborate with MrBeast on his next epic challenge, or simply witness his legendary generosity firsthand.

So, dive into the world of Infinite Craft and get ready to welcome the biggest YouTube star to your virtual world!

About Infinite Craft

Released in 2024, this browser-based sandbox game by Neal Agarwal empowers players to start with basic elements like fire, water, wind, and earth and combine them to create an infinite universe of possibilities. With the help of AI like LLaMA and Together AI, new elements are constantly being added, fueling the boundless creativity of its players.