How to Complete the Not So Berry Challenge in The Sims 4

The Not So Berry Legacy Challenge isn’t for the faint of heart, but it promises to test your Sims mastery across ten unique generations. Ready to cultivate a colorful family tree? Here’s your guide to conquering the Not So Berry Challenge in The Sims 4.

What’s the Not So Berry Challenge?

This creative legacy challenge tasks you with raising ten generations of Sims, each named after a different shade inspired by nature. More than just a colorful lineage, the challenge aims to push you to explore lesser-known aspects of the game while creating a vibrant cast of characters.

Each generation, your active Sim will have specific goals based on their assigned color. These goals encompass career achievements, aspirations, and raising a worthy heir to carry on the colorful legacy. Buckle up, because this captivating challenge spans ten Sim generations!

How to Complete the Not So Berry Challenge in The Sims 4

To begin, fire up your Sims 4 and create your founder Sim – the one who’ll initiate your Not So Berry dynasty.

For an extra layer of fun, consider following lilsimsie’s original rules:

  • Each generation’s heir must fulfill both their chosen career path and aspiration, unless otherwise specified.
  • Let your Sims live out their normal lifespans for a more realistic experience.
  • While brightly colored skin isn’t mandatory, aim to represent each generation’s designated color through clothing, hair, or other visual elements. Spouses’ colors are flexible, though.
  • Money cheats are okay in moderation, but avoid excessive use. You can also utilize the “freerealestate” cheat to set up your founder’s home.
  • The choice of neighborhood is yours – pick a world that inspires your Sim story!

Generation One: Mint

The first generation is all about mint! Create your founder Sim with mint-themed clothing, hair, makeup, or tattoos in CAS. Personality-wise, choose Vegetarian, Jealous, and Materialistic traits.

Imagine your founder as an eccentric, ambitious scientist with a mischievous streak. They love practical jokes, spending time with close friends, vegetarian meals, and decorating with luxurious mint-colored art.

The Sims 4 Not So Berry

Mint’s Goals:

  • Master the Scientist career.
  • Master Mischief and Logic skills.
  • Complete the Chief of Mischief aspiration.
  • Collect all elements.

Generation Two: Rose

Your Rose Sim is a hotheaded, snobby romantic with a surprising side – ambition. Dress them in red and aim for the Politician career. They’ll master charisma and snag the “Serial Romantic” aspiration, leaving a trail of broken hearts in their wake. There’s a soulmate out there, but Rose won’t settle down until their golden years. Top it all off with a disastrous, fiance-ditching wedding for maximum chaos.

Rose’s Goals:

  • Master Politician Career
  • Master Charisma Skill
  • Complete Serial Romantic Aspiration
  • Leave Someone at the Altar
  • Have One Child
  • Get Married as an Elder

Generation Three: Yellow

Yellow never had a close relationship with their career-obsessed Rose parent. Reflect that in their clumsy, ambitious, loner personality. Yellow dreams of space and becoming an astronaut. Their only real connection is with the grandparents from the Mint generation. Friendships take a backseat to mastering rocket science and handiness. Sixam, here they come!

Yellow’s Goals:

  • Master Rocket Science and Handiness Skills
  • Master Astronaut Career
  • Complete Nerd Brain Aspiration
  • Build a Rocket Ship and Visit Sixam
  • Enter the Secret Lot in Oasis Springs
  • Have No Close Friends or Relationships (Except Grandparents)

Generation Four: Gray

Gray feels like an outsider in their lab-obsessed family. This generation is all about breaking the mold. Gray is active, a music lover, and a bit of a slob. They crave a big family and aim to make amends for their parents’ neglect.

The Sims 4 Not So Berry 1

Gray’s Goals:

  • Master Singing, Parenting, and Athletic Skills
  • Master Athlete Career and Complete Bodybuilder Aspiration
  • Have Three Failed Relationships Before Finding a Neat Spouse
  • Be Friends with All Children
  • Have Family Movie Nights Every Sunday

Generation Five: Plum

Plums are ambitious jack-of-all-trades! Embrace the Genius, Noncommittal, and Dance Machine traits. This generation excels at everything they try, leading to a life of exploration. They might start as a dedicated Doctor, but a hidden passion for dance could emerge later. Embrace the career switch and join the Entertainer career!

Plum’s Goals:

  • Master Dance and two other skills (your choice!)
  • Reach level eight in six skills
  • Complete Renaissance Sim Aspiration
  • Get divorced and remarry the same Sim
  • Live in three different worlds

Generation Six: Orange

Orange is the resident troublemaker! They’re evil, self-assured, and have a major sweet tooth. Master the Baking and Charisma skills. Orange’s true calling lies in the Criminal career, aiming for Public Enemy glory. But their true passion is causing mischief and devouring sweets, even if it means ahem borrowing from the neighbors’ fridge.

Orange’s Goals:

  • Master Baking and Charisma skills
  • Master Criminal career and complete Public Enemy Aspiration
  • Live in a run-down apartment as a young adult
  • Have twins (use cheats if needed)

Generation Seven: Pink

Pink Sims have a tough childhood with penny-pinching parents. This Neat, Unflirty, and Creative Sim harbors a secret dream: writing romance novels. Fear of quitting their day job holds them back initially. But when they reach adulthood, it’s time to unleash their inner author and chase literary fame!

Pink’s Goals:

  • Complete postcard collection
  • Master Writing and Wellness skills
  • Complete Best Selling Author Aspiration
  • Maintain a beautiful garden

Generation Eight: Peach

Peach is a ray of sunshine! This Foodie, Lazy, Goofball Sim juggles two passions. By day, they crack cases as a Detective. By night, they take the stage as an aspiring Comedian. Who knew solving crimes could be so funny?

Peach’s Goals:

  • Marry a co-worker (love can bloom anywhere!)
  • Master an instrument (add some musical flair to those routines!)
  • Master Gourmet Cooking and Comedy skills (fuel the body and tickle the funny bone!)
  • Master Detective career (justice with a side of laughter!)
  • Live in a new world (broaden those horizons!)

Generation Nine: Green

Green is a tech whiz with a wild side! This Squeamish, Cheerful, Geek Sim has a knack for coding and a love for late nights. They land a dream job at a tech company, but that doesn’t stop them from being the life of the party.

Green’s Goals:

  • Master Mixology, Video Gaming, and Programming skills (the ultimate party animal skillset!)
  • Master Tech Guru career and complete Computer Whiz aspiration (tech by day, party by night!)
  • Accept every social invitation (because FOMO is real!)
  • Have five good friends and five enemies (balance is key!)

Generation Ten: Blue

Blue is the culmination of your Sim mastery! This Gloomy, Perfectionist, Family-Oriented Sim strives for a perfect life. They achieve a fulfilling career as a Critic, raise a perfect family, and marry their high school sweetheart. But a one-time affair casts a dark shadow, leaving a secret Blue will carry forever.

Blue’s Goals:

  • Adopt at least one child (spread the love!)
  • Master Photography, Cooking, and Parenting skills (the perfect family needs perfect skills!)
  • Master Critic career and complete Super Parent aspiration (achieving Sim-perfection!)
  • Marry your high school sweetheart (childhood sweethearts forever!)
  • Have a one-time secret affair (a touch of drama for the finale!)

Congratulations! You’ve conquered the Not So Berry Challenge in The Sims 4! Ten generations of triumphs, heartbreaks, and hilarious mishaps. Now go forth and tell the story of your Sims’ incredible legacy!