How to Complete the “Corroded Core” Quest in WoW Classic SOD

Feeling overwhelmed by the Corroded Core quest in WoW Classic SOD? Fear not, adventurers! This guide will break down the steps to fixing that rusty processor and completing this multi-stage quest.

How to Complete the “Corroded Core” Quest in WoW Classic SOD

Unlocking the Quest

The “Corroded Core” is part of a larger chain called “Salvaging the Salvagematic.” To begin, you’ll need the “Corroded G-7 C.O.R.E Processor.” Head to Gnomeregan’s entrance in Dun Morogh (northwest of Brenwall Village) and defeat the level 40 Elite Techbot in the Loading Room. This will grant you the processor you seek.

WoW Classic Corroded Core

Fixing the Salvagematic 9000

Once you have the processor, head to Ziri “The Wrench” Littlesprocket in Gnomeregan. He’ll ask you to gather the following materials:

  • 10 Mithril Bars
  • 5 Greater Mystic Essence
  • 3 GG12-082 Cartridge Fuses
  • 1 Pristine G-7 C.O.R.E Processor (obtained later)

Mithril Bars and Greater Mystic Essence can be purchased from the Auction House, while the Cartridge Fuses drop from enemies within Gnomeregan.

Creating a Pristine G-7 C.O.R.E Processor

Here’s where things get interesting: transforming the “Corroded” processor into a “Pristine” one requires a multi-step journey:

  1. Find Scooty the Chief Engineer Goblin (Booty Bay: 27.0, 77.0). Speak with him to receive a quest requiring you to locate Wirdal Wondergear’s Quadrangulation Beacons scattered across Kalimdor:
    • Underwater in Dustwallow Marsh (58.6, 12.9)
    • Cliff Peak in Desolace (32.0, 72.7)
    • Beside a Tree in Feralas (29.3, 93.8)
    • Mountain Peak in Tanaris (37.9, 27.2)
  2. Return to Scooty with the Beacons. He’ll then teleport you to Wirdal Wondergear, a Gnomeregan refugee.
  3. Wirdal needs a Charged Voidcore. Travel to Feralas and eliminate Caster Nagas (southern Isle of Dread and Feathermoon Stronghold) until you get a Spent Voidcore.
  4. Continue killing mobs with the Spent Voidcore. A “Shadowy Figure” will eventually appear. Talk to this NPC to charge the Voidcore.

  1. Return to Wirdal Wondergear. He’ll reward you with the Pristine G-7 C.O.R.E Processor, completing “The Corroded Core” quest!

With dedication and this guide, you’ll conquer “The Corroded Core” and progress further in your Gnomeregan crafting journey!

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