How to choose paste for bikini zone sugaring

The bikini zone is a delicate body area. Hard sugaring paste or soft – what works better for this sensitive place? Here are our tips that will help you along the way. 

Firstly, consider the anatomy:

  •       In this area, blood vessels, veins, and nerves are close to the skin
  •       The hair structure there is usually coarse due to its protective function 

Based on these characteristics, we can conclude the following:

  •       Choose natural, chemical-free ingredients – to eliminate the risk of allergies or irritation
  •       Pick the right density – both for the hair structure and, at the same time, to avoid causing unnecessary physical discomfort
  •       Use a known brand made by professionals for professionals 

With that being said, let’s dissect the main components of a proper sugar paste for bikini zone sugaring. 

Density: Vital Facts

Focus on a product that is gentle on the bikini skin and mucous membrane. At the same time, it should be strong enough to pull out thick hairs.

Other factors to consider are:

  1. The application technique
  2. The temperature of the client’s skin
  3. The temperature of the aesthetician’s hands
  4. The air temperature in the room 

The perfect choice would be a hard sugaring paste – since it answers all the requirements. It is strong enough for pubic hair, it can be applied manually, and it is designed for hot temperatures. 

Take the Temperature

Thermic parameters are one of the major factors that define the success of a procedure. Why? Because it affects the tightness of a product. This is why beauticians should take into account the temperature of:

  •       The client’s skin
  •       The room they work in
  •       Their own hands 

Higher temperatures require higher density. When it comes to the bikini zone, in most cases, it is warmer than other body areas. That means, to wax a bikini with sugaring paste, a tighter substance is preferable.

The hair structure also defines the density choice. As was mentioned, thick pubic hair requires a harder paste. 

Each case is different and coming up with the perfect density takes time. Our advice would be:

  •       To buy a hard and a soft paste of the same line
  •       To try different proportions, start with a 50/50 ratio
  •       To buy a set of pastes with different densities from the same manufacturer 


Ancient Egyptians were the first ones to mix a sticky substance that helped to get rid of hair. Still, we don’t recommend recreating their experience. Professional beauty salons do not use homemade paste. There are several reasons why:

  •       It can harm the sensitive groin area if the density is not right
  •       Its lifetime is relatively short
  •       It often includes allergens, such as herbal elements, honey, raw eggs, and so on.

In the case of a licensed manufacturer, all the elements of hard sugaring paste are safe and balanced. 

For a crystal-clear reputation and satisfied clients, choose only professional brands. 


Which components should be in a high-quality sugaring product?

It’s easy to remember since there are only a few:

  •       Natural sugar
  •       Organic citric acid
  •       Water 

It shouldn’t contain the following:

  •       Chemical scents
  •       Unnaturally bright colors
  •       Preservatives or thickeners 

All the elements added to the sugaring paste undergo heat treatment, which diminishes the would-be negative properties of sugar or acid. When preparing the same at home, it is impossible to achieve the same level of safety. 

To Sum Up

When choosing a product that will work best in a delicate zone, choose hard sugaring paste and wax too. It is perfect for temperature requirements and removes coarse hair effectively. Following the anatomical characteristics of the groin area, make sure the product’s ingredients are natural and allergen-free.