How To Change Text Font & Color In Roblox Pls Donate

When jumping into Please donate, you’ll need to do whatever you can to stand out from the crowd.

How To Change Text Font In Roblox Pls Donate ?

You can change the look and add custom fonts in Please donate using the code below:

<stroke color=”#000000″ thickness=”3″><font size=”100″><font color= “#5efc03″><font face=”Bangers”>DONATE TO ME</font></font></font></stroke>

How To Change Text Color In Roblox Pls Donate ?

Follow steps below to change text color In Roblox Pls Donate :

  • You’ll need to request a stand of your own : go to one and hold down the E key on the keyboard in front of it. Once you’ve won your spot, you’ll see any game cards you’ve created right on your screen.
  • Next you will need to go to the Edit Menu, which can be done by pressing and holding E again until you see the white text box show up. Now, you will be able to order whatever you want, or whatever you personally choose to place.
  • Next you have to paste this code:

    <font color=”rgb(0, 0, 0)”>Your text is here</font>
    The above code will give you black text because the numbers in brackets indicate Black. The brackets will have values according to the color you want to use.

  • Once you’ve pasted your code, click Apply and see if it reflects on the stand.

Here are the codes for colors that you can use in PLS Donate:

  • White – (255,255,255)
  • Red – (255,0,0)
  • Blue – (0,0,255)
  • Yellow – (255,255,0)
  • Cyan / Aqua – (0,255,255)
  • Lime – (0,255,0)
  • Magenta / Fuchsia – (255,0,255)
  • Teal – (0,128,128)
  • Maroon – (128,0,0)
  • Green – (0,128,0)
  • Olive – (128,128,0)
  • Purple – (128,0,128)
  • Navy – (0,0,128)