How Long Does Passion Last? The Stages of Love

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Love is amazing to all people, especially when you meet a perfect match. The presence of our beloved, the words they say and every little thing they complete the love life that we desire. But does it last this way forever? As much as fiction books and movies say so, science has a different story.

Things do not remain the same as people get old. It is always a struggle to bring things back to normal. This is because passion and love have stages. If people could understand these milestones, the challenges and the best solutions, they will live a happy life.

Stage 1: Choosing a Mate

People choose their mates through instincts after identifying that they have the characters they would love in their partner. However, this depends on the reasons why you need a partner in the first place.

Some people want to get a life partner in marriage, others are looking for a secret affair and yet others are looking for casual relationships with no strings attached. In any of these reasons, you have to follow your instincts and likes to be happy. They can either be physical or characters.

Stage 2: Romance and Deep Love

All people remember these days when their love and intimacy was at the climax. It is the time when people go out every other day, make pleasurable love and buy each other gifts among many other things. It is the stage when the brain love chemicals are working most and making the world spin in an uncontrollable way.

According to science, this strong foundation of love is a preparation for the future when the kids have come, jobs and businesses occupy more of your time and some life challenges chip in. Therefore, people should take advantage of this period and fall into deep love.

Stage 3: Out of Romantic Love

Unfortunately, every couple will face this reality sooner or later. This is where now the couple starts to look for attention elsewhere. Some visit reliable dating sites like to look for partners of their choice while others pick in their social circles.

If this stage of love is not controlled well, people start contemplating divorce, separation and cheating as mentioned above. The love life can crumble down and people will never find true love again.

Stage 4: True Love

The last step in love life is finding true love. Most people do not reach this stage if they made a wrong choice all from the beginning. If you realize that your partner is the right person for you even though you have fallen out of romantic love, then what follows is true love. It is a strong bond between the two of your and it lasts forever as long as you live.


As much as we see this as complicated. It is the reality of love life. Going through these stages is normal but what matters is the outcome of each. Couples have the powers to mold their love life in the direction they want through respect, care and passion for each other at all stages.