Honkai: Star Rail Unveils New Trailer for Blade, the Highly Anticipated Five-Star Character

Honkai Star Rail blade

Discover new details about Blade and other thrilling updates on the horizon for Honkai Star Rail in this article.

Honkai Star Rail Unveils New Trailer for Blade

Blade, the Edgy Wind and Destruction Character

Blade, the Edgy Wind and Destruction Character Blade, the upcoming five-star character, takes center stage in the recently released trailer for Honkai Star Rail.

Blade is voiced by Daman Mills in English and Shin-ichiro Miki in Japanese, known for their outstanding performances in various gaming and anime titles. Players familiar with their work in Persona 5 Strikers, Virtua Fighter series, Nioh, and El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron can expect top-tier voice acting for Blade, adding depth and immersion to the character.

Blade’s Playstyle and Abilities

As a Wind and Destruction character, Blade offers a high-risk, high-reward playstyle. He excels as a main DPS character, capable of dealing massive damage while possessing a powerful self-healing ability for sustain.

Blade’s unique skill, Hellscape, allows him to enter a state that grants various damage buffs at the cost of consuming a portion of his maximum HP. His attacks during this state deal significant single-target damage while also providing lower damage to adjacent enemies. Additionally, Blade’s Ultimate, Death Sentence, inflicts devastating Wind damage to a single enemy, further showcasing his offensive prowess.


The trailer not only showcases Blade’s impressive skills but also delves into his captivating backstory. It becomes evident that Blade harbors a deep-rooted grudge against Imbibitor Lunae and Dan Heng, setting the stage for an engaging narrative. Players can expect to uncover more about Blade’s history as they progress through the game.

Exciting Minigame: Xianzhou Cruise

In addition to the character reveal, Honkai Star Rail introduces a web-based minigame called Xianzhou Cruise. This addictive game, playable directly in the browser with mobile support, bears resemblance to the classic Flappy Birds. By participating in Xianzhou Cruise, players have the chance to win exciting prizes such as Stellar Jades, an iPhone 14 Pro 256G, and even a PlayStation 5.

With the release of Blade and the thrilling web-based minigame Xianzhou Cruise, Honkai Star Rail continues to captivate players with its immersive gameplay and intriguing characters. As the game evolves and expands, fans eagerly anticipate the next updates, ready to embark on new adventures within this captivating RPG world.