Honkai Star Rail Gallagher Leaks: Release Date, Abilities, Voice Actors & More

Honkai Star Rail is gearing up for its next chapter, and with it comes a brand new face ready to join the crew – meet Gallagher, a laid-back mixologist with a hidden past and a knack for keeping your party in tip-top shape.

Honkai Star Rail Gallagher Leaks

When Can You Raise a Glass with Gallagher?

HoYoverse hasn’t officially announced Gallagher’s arrival date, but whispers from the Celestial Railway suggest he’ll be joining the party alongside Acheron and Aventurine in the highly anticipated 2.1 update. So, keep your eyes peeled and your taste buds ready for a unique brand of fiery hospitality.

Who is Gallagher?

Gallagher is more than just a master of concoctions. He serves as a security officer for the Penacony Bloodhound Family, but don’t let his disheveled attire and relaxed demeanor fool you. Beneath his easygoing exterior lies a complex history he keeps close to his chest, adding a layer of mystery to his already captivating presence.

Image via HoYoVerse

Who Gives Voice to the Enigmatic Mixologist?

Gallagher’s personality shines through his diverse voice cast:

  • Chinese: Ma Yufei
  • Japanese: Mikami Satoshi
  • English: Erik Braa
  • Korean: Park Sang-hoon


While HoYoverse keeps Gallagher’s full skillset under wraps, reliable leaks offer a tantalizing taste of what he can bring to the battlefield:

  • Basic Attack: Deals Fire damage to a single enemy.
  • Enhanced Basic Attack: Deals Fire damage to a single enemy and reduces their attack for a few turns.
  • Skill: Heals an ally based on his ATK stat.
  • Ultimate: Applies a debuff to an enemy, increasing the Break DMG they take for two turns. Then, deals damage and enhances Gallagher’s Basic Attack. While the debuff is active, allies heal based on Gallagher’s ATK when they attack. Additionally, if Gallagher attacks with his Basic Attack enhanced, all allies regain some HP.

Gallagher’s leaked abilities hint at a versatile support character who can both keep your team healthy and dish out some fiery damage. His unique combination of healing and debuffing makes him a valuable asset to any crew, adding an extra layer of strategic depth to your interstellar battles.


Eidolon Description
Eidolon 1 Empowers basic attacks and grants an additional turn.
Eidolon 2 Enhances Break Damage scaling based on the debuff count inflicted on the enemy.
Eidolon 3 Increase Skill Level by +2, up to a maximum of Level 15. Additionally, Basic Attack is increased by +1, up to a maximum of Level 10.
Eidolon 4 Extends the duration of the debuff applied during Gallagher’s ultimate ability.
Eidolon 5 Increase Ultimate Level by +2, up to a maximum of Level 15, and Talent Level by +2, up to a maximum of Level 15.
Eidolon 6 Increases both his Stance Damage (Stance DMG) and Break Damage (Break DMG).

With his intriguing personality, mysterious past, and potent mix of healing and damage, Gallagher promises to be a welcome addition to the Honkai Star Rail roster. So, prepare to raise a glass and toast to a new adventure as Gallagher joins the crew in the upcoming 2.1 update.