Honkai Star Rail 2.4 Leaks: Exciting Events and Free Hunt Form March 7th!

Astral Express passengers, buckle up! Honkai Star Rail Version 2.4 leaks reveal exciting new events filled with battles, memories, and everyone’s favorite trash cans!

Honkai Star Rail 2.4 Leaks: Exciting Events and Free Hunt Form March 7th!

These events promise a treasure trove of valuable in-game goodies, including Stellar Jades, Tracks of Destiny, and Self-Modeling Resin. But the real highlight? A free Hunt form for March 7th!  Leaks suggest the 2.4 event will grant players up to three of her Imaginary-type Eidolons, significantly boosting her combat prowess.

Here’s a closer look at each event:

Operation Memoria Snapshot

Get ready to dust off your in-game camera! Operation Memoria Snapshot appears to be a photography event similar to Version 1.5. Sharpen your eye for detail as you embark on a quest to capture specific objects and locations scattered throughout the Astral Express.

Honkai Star Rail 2.4 events
Image via GuraLeak

Trailblaze: Friendship is Magic!

This event injects a dose of humor into Version 2.4. Prepare to see the infamous Penacony Lordly Trash Can enemies return, but this time, they’re the protagonists! You’ll complete missions alongside these (somewhat) reformed foes, proving that even the unlikeliest friendships can blossom aboard the Astral Express.

Saga of Primaveral Blade

This story-driven event transports you to Xianzhou Luofu, where everyone’s favorite 4-star Hunt form, March 7th, is honing her swordplay under the tutelage of Yanqing and Yunli. As a loyal Astral Express crewmate, you’ll take part in her training, preparing her for a momentous duel.

This event is particularly exciting for March 7th fans. Recent leaks suggest you’ll be able to acquire up to three of her Imaginary-type Eidolons, further strengthening this popular character who frequently accompanies players on Trailblazer missions.

Image via GuraLeak

While these leaks provide a glimpse into the upcoming events, it’s important to remember they are not official confirmation from HoYoverse. However, they do offer exciting possibilities for what players can expect in version 2.4.

So, Astral Trailblazers, get ready for an exciting future with Honkai Star Rail version 2.4! With new events, powerful characters, and a fresh story chapter on the horizon, there’s plenty to look forward to aboard the Astral Express.