Holly Willoughby on Her Simple Skincare & Makeup Routine


British tv host Holly Willoughby has opened up on her relaxed skincare and makeup routine. Holly admits she has a slightly lazy approach to skincare and likes products that don’t require a lot of effort to use. She does always remove her makeup before bed and  makes sure she is wearing SPF every day:

“I’m quite – I don’t know if the word is lazy – but everything needs to be quick. I can’t be doing the whole cleanse, tone and moisturiser thing, I just don’t have the time! I always take my make-up off at night before I go to bed and as I’ve gotten older I have come to appreciate SPF more. Even on a cloudy day in winter there’s still enough UV to damage your skin. So I wear SPF every single day.”

Holly loves BB cream because it fixes her skin up in just one simply product and she loves how much time it cuts from her routine by using it. She also thinks sleeping makes a big difference to how she looks the next day:

“I use Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector All-in-One B.B Cream, £9.99, because it does in a single step. This BB does exactly what it says it does and, crucially, it makes my routine shorter. I to drink a lot of water and when I do I notice a huge difference in my skin. And sleep! I get what I can but Harry woke me up at 5.30 this morning. At the moment, my life is all about speed and saving time.”

Holly likes an equally as relaxed approach to makeup and doesn’t like to look too made up, however she will opt for a bright lip if getting dressed up. She particularly loves red lipsticks by MAC when she wants to put a glamorous twist on an outfit:

“I’m quite low-key but when I need to look a little more glamorous I’ll usually add a brighter lipstick – maybe a red. I like a matte lipstick and I love MAC reds. It’s so easy to add a red lip and be instantly ready to go out. When it comes to make-up; I would never do too much of everything.”

She adds that she usually avoids foundation and sticks to her favourite BB cream for daytime wear:

“I’m not very good at wearing things on my skin, even foundation, I just don’t like the feel of it. So my BB is my best bet, it literally just feels like I’m wearing a moisturiser. And little bit goes a long way; I put a small amount on the back of my hand and then press four dots of it onto my face and blend in.”