Helen Mirren Spills Her Unique Beauty Tips & Secrets


Legendary actress Helen Mirren has opened up on her beauty tips and secrets that she’s picked up over the years. Known for ageing gracefully, Helen says she doesn’t have a standard beauty routine but there are a few products that she likes to use. Helen says one of her biggest secrets is a lash growth serum because she thinks that if you have long lashes, it makes the rest of your beauty look instantly more pulled together. She explained:

“I don’t really know what a beauty routine is. One thing I consistently use is Latisse [the prescription lash-growth serum]. It really works, and if your eyelashes look great, you can let a lot of other things be crap.”

Helen believes drugstore finds are becoming more and more effective so she doesn’t believe in spending a lot of money on products:

“You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get quality stuff nowadays. A brand like L’OrĂ©al has amazing technology.”

The actress reveals that she rarely has her hair cut professionally because she doesn’t like the experience and usually does it herself. She admits that she only visits a hairdresser once annually and often just cuts her own, although she says the results aren’t always very good:

“Not always, but yes. I can’t handle going to the hairdresser every six weeks, so I only go about once a year. In between, I get out the scissors and do something, usually rather disastrously. Sometimes I’ll even chop my hair the morning of a big red-carpet event.”