Helen Flanagan poses in a retro bikini and fields answers questions about her body

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On Thursday, Helen Flanagan posted a throwback photo of herself as showcasing incredible body in a yellow bikini to Instagram Stories.

Helen Flanagan answers questions about her body while posing in a retro bikini

The 32-year-old mother of three was responding to questions from her fans when she was asked: ‘How do you stay slim? What do you eat?’

Helen responded by posting a photo of herself munching on some chips and saying: ‘All I ever do is eat but i never stop. I just burn it off.’

When asked if she has any vacations scheduled, she showed off a photo of herself in a bikini, posing with her three kids.

She said she was contemplating a short trip for Easter.

During the Q&A, Helen shared that being a mother as a single woman was one of the most challenging aspects of her life.

‘I find being a mum hard. I feel tired most of the time and like I have to split myself into three but I just love them so much I would never change it for the world.

‘I just give them all I’ve got every day.’

Helen’s decision to sign up for the Raya celebrity dating app at the end of last month demonstrated her maturity and independence from her exes.

Helen joined an exclusive dating service while on a family trip to Paris in the hopes of meeting someone special.

Helen posed for a selfie while showing off her new boob job by pouting in a silk midi dress, and the results were fantastic.

She simply listed “actress and social media” as her profession.

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Scott, her ex from when she was with Bristol Rovers, is said to be ‘humiliated’ by the star’s dating life after they split up in October.

The blonde beauty “wants to enjoy life again” by going on nice dates with some “male company” and isn’t looking for anything serious, according to the source.

The insider said: ‘Helen has been feeling more and more positive about the future since the new year and feels ready to enjoy some nice dates and male company.

‘She’s feeling super-confident since her boob job and just thought why not?

‘Helen and the kids were having a great weekend in Paris and she felt ready to dip her toe back in the water.

‘Dating doesn’t have to be serious — it’s not about finding a rebound relationship. Helen just wants to enjoy life again. Obviously, it’s not nice for Scott to hear. He feels humiliated but it is what it is.’