Heidi Klum Thinks Some Models Waste Their Opportunity


German beauty Heidi Klum believes some models throw away their opportunity to make it big by not taking the profession seriously. She has seen many potential top models not working hard or acting badly on photo shoots which usually results in them losing out on work. She explains that she tries to teach models on ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ that they really do have to work for what they want if they are going after a big career:

“As producer and host of Germany’s Next Top Model, I’m always teaching my girls what you have to do to stand out from the pack. You want to make sure you show up on time and you have a great attitude, so people want to work with you again and you continue to get booked on jobs. I’ve learned that there are only a handful of girls who work really hard and see this as a real opportunity. A lot of the girls don’t realise that it’s work when they are actually given the chance.”

Heidi also appears on ‘Project Runway’ and the model says she is always so impressed with what the competing designers come up with, especially because there is limited time and only a small budget for them to use. She was so impressed with one designer’s creation that she even helped promote his work by wearing his design to a big event. She commented:

“The designers on the show are so talented. We only give them a day and a very limited budget to create a look. It’s really amazing what they are able to come up with in those circumstances. There are definitely times when I think, ‘Hey, I would wear that!’ And for the Creative Arts Emmys, that actually happened. It was great to be able to give our designer Sean Kelly some extra exposure, and I loved the dress.”