Heating costs are skyrocketing and temperatures are dropping. Do you have to be afraid of freezing in your bedroom soon despite a cozy blanket? Or to be too sick to play on our website? No, because there are enough tricks with which you can get your bedroom warm without heating at all.

If you look at the current price increases, you probably have to realize that heating costs will be more expensive this winter than ever before. Nevertheless, you should not despair, because there are numerous tricks and tips on how you can snuggle up in your bed in the evening without any heating at all.


The heating doesn’t have to be on in all rooms. So, in the living room you can snuggle up in a blanket with sweatpants, hoodie and wool socks and enjoy your favorite series without any heating at all. In the bedroom, however, it becomes more difficult, because here you are generally more lightly dressed. Good thing there are tricks to get the bedroom warm without any heating at all.


  1. turn on candles

Yes, candles can make up quite a bit of temperature in bulk. In some cases, candles reach temperatures of up to 1,400 degrees. If you put several of these in your bedroom, you’ll get it warmed up pretty quickly. But don’t leave candles burning overnight unless you have them safely placed, such as in a lamp. And while you’re lighting a candle, you might as well put it under a fragrance lamp. In fact, there are room scents for a better sleep.

Remember, the temperature in the bedroom should be between 16 and 19 degrees anyway. This is the range of optimal sleeping temperature.

  1. seal windows and doors

The ceiling on the front door is really old hat now and should be taken to heart by everyone. But sealing off the bedroom window is also worthwhile to get it warm without heating. Normally, there should be a small draft at every window. The incoming air is warmed up by the heater and then distributed in the room. This creates a healthy air circulation. For this reason, heaters are usually located directly under the window.

However, if you leave the heating off anyway, there is no need for air circulation, because then the fresh air from outside only provides cold air inside. For sealing, you can buy special gaskets that are glued to the inside of the window frame. If the window can be closed only with pressure, it is tight.

  1. lay out carpets

A lot of heat is also lost through the floor. A carpet not only feels nice and cozy on your feet, it also keeps the bedroom warm without heating. On the one hand, because it retains heat, but also because it does not pass on the cold from below so quickly. Most carpets have insulation on the underside.

If you are allergic, you should think twice about this tip, because many allergy-causing substances are deposited in a carpet, such as mites or pollen. If you want to use a carpet for warmth, vacuum it regularly. 

  1. put thick curtains in front of the windows

You’ve already sealed the windows, but it’s so cold outside that the chill is coming into the bedroom through the panes? Then get yourself thick curtains – or even better thermal curtains or even heat protection curtains – and pull them in front of the windows. This way, the cold from the windows can’t get into your bedroom, but stays in the space between the window and the curtain. Below we present two thermal protection curtains.

Bedroom should not be too warm

For all its coziness, a bedroom should not be too cool either. The optimal sleeping temperature is between 16 and 19 degrees. In this temperature spectrum, our body recovers best during sleep. This has been proven by numerous studies.

By the way, the temperature in the bedroom should not fall below 15 degrees, otherwise mold can quickly form. And that can happen quickly without heating. The reason: moisture in the bedroom is not absorbed by cold air, which causes it to settle on the walls. Preferably in corners and exterior walls.