Halo Infinite Extraction Mode Leaks Have Fans Believing That The Flood Will Return

According to recent leaks, Halo Infinite will eventually get an Extraction gameplay mode, as well as the return of the original Halo trilogy parasitic antagonists, the Flood.

Halo Infinite Extraction mode leaks have fans believing that the Flood will return

Little else about the Halo Infinite Extraction mode is known at this time. However, recent data mining has led some to speculate that it might involve combating the Flood, the parasitic antagonists from the original Halo trilogy.

Given how frequently they use the word “extraction,” the announcer voice lines found in the datamine are undoubtedly for the Extraction mode. They don’t specifically refer to the Flood, but they do use terms like “spore mound,” “infection,” and “parasite” that sound like they are referring to it. This theory is bolstered by the fact that the Extraction mode pits players against computer-controlled enemies rather than against each other.

Only this week, another leak claimed that the Extraction mode is currently being playtested, accompanied by an in-game screenshot labeled Extraction PvE.

It’s noteworthy that a few months ago, a user uploaded video online showing themself playing the Extraction mode. Instead of the Flood, the enemies were ordinary Spartan soldiers who showed no signs of infection. However, the footage is of an unfinished mode that isn’t yet publicly available, so some details may differ when the mode is officially added to the game.

The series has previously featured multiplayer modes involving the Flood, with Halo 4 modifying the series’ Infection mode so that instead of zombies, players were transformed into Flood soldiers. However, that mode was PvP. It also had its own Extraction mode, but it was the only one so far. That mode, too, was PvP, with two teams planting and protecting beacons around a map to extract assets, and it didn’t include the Flood at all.

It is impossible to predict when the mode will be added to the game without a content roadmap. At the moment, 343 is still testing campaign co-op, a feature that was conspicuously absent from Halo Infinite at launch and has been repeatedly delayed.

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