Gwyneth Paltrow on Her New Beauty Line, Makeup Regrets & More


Gwyneth Paltrow has created her own skincare line called Juice Beauty which uses completely organic ingredients. The mother of two explains that she was passionate to find alternatives to the chemicals used in many other beauty products while still making sure the products are very effective. She explained her ethos behind the new brand:

“The skin care is something that I’ve been so incredibly passionate about. I essentially made it for people like me, people who are looking for really effective [products] — vain people like me [laughs]. I wasn’t finding that kind of efficacy in the health food store. I thought there must be a way to create incredible beauty products for your skin that work.”

Revealing some of her past beauty regrets, Gwyneth jokes that some of her ’90s makeup looks just weren’t flattering or natural looking, but it was during a time when that was fashionable and everyone made the same mistakes:

“The ’90s wasn’t a great makeup time. Like those pencil-thin eyebrows and the matte matte matte skin. I don’t know what we were thinking.”

Discussing her biggest beauty splurges, Gwyneth says she does indulge in some treatments such as laser for her skin which boosts collagen production, but she doesn’t usually spend excessively on skincare lines and never spends hundreds of dollars on creams:

“I feel like my beauty splurges are more treatments, like facials and getting a laser that gets your collagen going. Those things are all pretty expensive. I’ve never bought a $500 cream or anything like that, but I know they exist.”