Gwen Stefani on Her Beauty Experimentations & Make-Up Artist Dream


Gwen Stefani is known for her iconic beauty look which includes red lips and dramatic cat eyes. The ‘No Doubt’ singer has revealed that she has always been attracted to very glamorous makeup and has enjoyed experimenting with her own beauty look. Before she shot to fame, she would do her own makeup and loved putting together something very unique:

“I love a cat eye and red lipstick, or anything glamorous. When Tragic Kingdom came out, I had no make-up artist, no stylist. I did my make-up in disgusting bathrooms using just a compact. When I put those little gems on my eyes, I took them off every night and save them for the next show.”

She also used to work in a mall in California and would dream about becoming a makeup artist as she loved how the girls behind the counters would look. She eventually got a job behind a beauty counter and loved applying makeup to customers. She reveals that she wasn’t given any lessons and allowed to do what she wanted:

“When I was 20, I worked at a mall in Anaheim, California, in the older women’s clothing department. I really loved making up these women and getting outfits for them. But my dream was to be a make-up artist. Those were the stuck-up hot girls behind the counter that made you feel l really intimated. Later, I did that. I worked in a mall that didn’t even give you any lessons – they just put you there and said, ‘OK, put the make-up on.'”