GTA Online Gets Bounty Hunting in Bottom Dollar Bounties Update

Maude Eccles is back, and this time she’s not just sending texts! Partner up with Maude and her daughter Jenette in Grand Theft Auto Online Bottom Dollar Bounties update, launching June 25th.

Hunt Down Reprobates and Claim Your Bounty

Buckle up, GTA Online players, because you’re about to take over the reins of Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement, currently run by the infamous Maude Eccles. This update marks Maude’s grand entrance into GTA Online, though you’ll be working alongside her daughter, Jenette, to track down wanted criminals and claim hefty bounties.

How it Works

The bounty hunting gameplay will revolve around capturing these ne’er-do-wells and delivering them straight back to the office for justice to be served. Partnering with Jenette, you’ll utilize your skills to apprehend these outlaws and bring them in.

More Than Just Bounties

The Bottom Dollar Bounties update isn’t just about rounding up bad guys. Players can also take on “Dispatch Work” from another returning character, Vincent Effenburger. These off-the-books missions will likely involve a variety of tasks and are sure to feature some of the new law enforcement vehicles Rockstar teased in the trailer.

GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties
Image via Rockstar Games

GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties Arrives June 25th

The Bottom Dollar Bounties update is set to launch on Tuesday, June 25th, 2024. It will be available across all platforms, including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

So, dust off your lassos (or more likely, high-powered weaponry) and prepare to bring some justice – or chaos – to the streets of Los Santos. The Bottom Dollar Bounties update promises a thrilling new way to play Grand Theft Auto Online.

About GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online) is an online multiplayer mode within Grand Theft Auto V. Set in the open world of Los Santos (based on Los Angeles) and its surrounding areas, GTA Online allows up to 30 players to explore, engage in cooperative or competitive missions, and create their own criminal empires. Players can participate in story-driven jobs, races, deathmatches, and more, with Rockstar Games frequently adding new content updates.